Next Steps

Zazu Dreams‘ Award winning TEAM*** of  author and artist, gold record musicians, screenwriter, choreographer, artistic director, and a lead animator are ready to make a full-length feature animation to encourage an ecologically just and compassionate society.

My book is currently being used as part of the foundation for new outdoor education schools in New York. As funding for environmental education and protection is being slashed, now, more than ever, resources like this are needed in libraries and in school curricula for students of all ages. Getting Zazu Dreams into nation-wide education programs means that kids and their parents can learn about the contemporary realities of the destruction of nature in relation to the destruction of humans at the hands of monster giant corporations, Big Oil, and Big Pharma. This outreach includes university Human Ecology Departments, Jewish and Islamic Studies Programs, Agriculture Studies, Peace and Conflict Studies, and Health and Human Development Departments.

Because environmental justice is central to “secure our survival and our freedom”  (to quote Zazu’s uncle Greg, SHKG Humpty Hump, from Digital Underground), I am committed to making Zazu Dreams accessible to a wide variety of audiences. Zazu Dreams is all about understanding how, together, can we positively shift the impact of climate change and humanitarian abuses.

But we need your help to get Zazu Dreams out into the public for all kinds of audiences:

  • Step One: Work with Digital Underground’s SHKG and Divahn’s Galeet Dardashti to develop a musical theme that combines Hip Hop originals with traditional Ladino rhythms.
  • Step Two: Based on compelling imagery from Zazu Dreams, design the visuals and movement with artist director, Brigette Dunn-Korpela
  • Step Three: Work with feminist gamer, Anita Sarkeesian, to develop a video game of Zazu Dreams that would reach a wider audience and provide more expansive access to the story’s content.
  • Step Four: Finalize script adaptation from book with author, Jane Mushabac, in relation to music and movement.

***Adaptation Team for Zazu Dreams:  Jane Mushabac, Screen Writer;  Agnieszka Woznicka, Animator and Film Director; Brigette Dunn-Korpela, Artistic Director; Adam McKinney​, Co-Founder of DNA Works, Dialogue and Healing Through the Arts; SHKG Humpty Hump and Galeet Dardashti, Musicians; Anita Sarkeesian, Video Gamer